About you: Let me guess you want to value yourself more, love yourself more, spend more time on you. (Yes even if you're already really busy). I'm here to give you a helping hand

5 day challenge to

Start your Self-Care

Its back! My 5 day challenge to make daily self-care your reality and help you shine.  

We'll be going back to basics in a simple but supportive and fun way. 

Learn how to nurture your mind, body, and soul every day, using my unique strategy for busy women.  

I promise to share all my secrets on how you can feel in control and energised, thanks to spending some time on you. Sign up here today.

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It's FREE and inspiring and it's starting 11th January 2021

I hear women say time and time again that they haven't got time for self-care. I say that's rubbish. But I had to learn it the hard way. I used to live in a state of stress, on high alert and never stopping. And that can be exhausting. In fact. I was diagnosed with exhaustion by the doctor I saw, after I collapsed at a fitness event. 

So I say can you afford not to look after yourself? Let me teach you the simple but really affective way I added self-care into my day and started loving and appreciating myself. 

You will honestly wish you started sooner!

Introducing your Host

Tina Russell

I'm a Mindset and Wellbeing Blogger and Coach and Founder of Simply Shine. I help women to calm the chaos in their mind and life, prioritise themselves and shine in all they choose to do. Through self-awareness and changing daily practices, I learnt to retrain my brain, slow down and shine in life. I can help you do the same.